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In the aftermath of the Barren Age emerged the Mechanics Guild, a thriving group of intrepid travelers and brilliant inventors committed to charting the devastated new world. The Mechanics had constructed the Dozers, massive metal titans covered in armor and weaponry to protect hundreds of passengers and crew. The only known vehicles created to traverse the blasted wastes, the Dozers’ thousand-ton engines were designed to hurtle these metal mammoths across the ashen landscape of Bedlam. Over time, their numbers dwindled as the endless perils of Bedlam grew stronger… until the Mechanics and the Dozers were believed lost to the insurmountable hazards of the deadly wasteland. But on one of his daring expeditions in Bedlam, artifact-seeking Bysantine tycoon Rasputin Lazarus discovered the ancient wreckage of a Dozer and its operator, somehow preserved inside. Lazarus used his considerable resources to revive this Mechanic and rebuild the magnificent Dozer known as Boneshaker! Much about the last Mechanic is a mystery, but he knows of a great many things — most importantly, the location of the majestic Aztec City! The success of the odyssey rests in the hands of the Mechanic, the only survivor capable of operating the reconstructed Dozer on its journey to this promising new destination on the far edge of Bedlam.