Just about everyone feels some kind of kinship with loveable dogs… and even in the stark future of BEDLAM, this holds true! On his quest for artifacts, Rasputin Lazarus never ventured into the treacherous land of Bedlam without his faithful Dreadhound, an ace tracker and an unholy terror in battle. With the Dreadhound Kennel upgrade for your Dozer, you will have access to several deadly cybernetic dogs that can be deployed to the battlefield during combat encounters. Optimally enhanced for expeditions in the contaminated realm, these cunning canines have been modified with intellect-enhancing circuitry and weapon systems that make them formidable four-legged friends! These powerful pooches might potentially be smarter than you, but they’re still as loyal as any dog! And few things are more crushing for enemy morale than seeing their hardened wasteland accomplices get dismantled by a Dreadhound’s gnashing hydraulic jaws, or dissolved by their corrosive relief stream. Who’s a good boy? Who’s a good boy???