Skyshine bedlam mutant elite units

A variety of Elite characters from various Factions can be discovered and recruited during your travels through Bedlam… or they can be promoted from existing crew members through in-game events. Over time, as crew members survive brutal battles and toxic environments, their bodies may show signs of heavy physical damage or radiation effects. These are tracked by meters on each crew member, and when the corresponding levels reach a certain plateau, you will have a chance to convert that crew member to an Elite class as a Cyborg or Mutant! Cyborgs are considered a “Heavy Weapons” class, which has greater health and inflicts more damage. Mutants are the “Mega Melee” class that can deliver a tremendous amount of melee brutality, but also has access to powerful grenades and healing abilities. If you decide not to convert your crew member into a Cyborg or Mutant, they will remain human and have the opportunity to reach the coveted Veteran Status… if they can survive long enough!