Skyshine bedlam mechanic

Dozer Operator

The last of a once-thriving explorer guild, the Mechanic’s preserved body was found inside a corroding Dozer hulk discovered in the desolation of Bedlam, and revived by benefactor Rasputin Lazarus. The ultimate multi-tasker, the Mechanic manages and controls all aspects of the newly reconstructed Dozer — resources, personnel, passengers, navigation, repairs and upgrades — all while identifying and contending with a variety of external threats.

You are the mysterious Mechanic, last of a once-thriving guild of intrepid explorers dedicated to charting the blasted wastes in their Dozers — massive metal titans specifically designed to traverse the hellscape. With the reconstructed Dozer called Boneshaker, it is now possible for people to travel from Bysantine… through the savage lands of Bedlam toward a new future! Prepare yourself, Mechanic! Assemble a diverse battle-ready crew, load the courageous passengers into your rolling fortress, and prepare for your journey to a new destination on the far edge of Bedlam. Your passengers are relying on you… and your reputation and reward depend on their survival!