There are 4 main resources in Skyshine's Bedlam: Crude, Meat, Power Cells, and Passengers. Crude and Meat act as common fuel, and is primarily decreased through travelling the map while it is primiarily increased through battles. Power Cells act as a form of currency and can be used to purchase upgrades in the field or boosts during battles, it can be found primarily in battles as well. Passengers are primarily gained and lost through non-battle events.

Gaining Resources in BattleEdit

Battles are the primary way to increase Crude, Meat and Power Cells. Based on how many Crew Members don't fight you will receive different amounts of bonuses. However, remember that if you lose a battle you don't get any resources.

2nd Slot 3rd Slot 4th Slot 5th Slot 6th Slot
Power Cell x3 Crude x3 Power Cell x2 Crude x2 Meat x2

This means that if only 1 crew member fights at the end of the battle all Power Cells will be increased by x6, all Crude will be increased by x6 and all food by x2.

During the battle there are also crates that, when obtained, give boosts to the end of battle rewards.

Resource Boost per Case
Crude 40
Meat 30
Power Cell 5

The bonuses are stackable with the multipliers due to open crew member slots.

The complete formulas are:

Crude = (60 + 40 * N) * M
Meat = (45 + 30 * N) * M
Power Cells = (7 + 5 * N) * M

Where N is the number of cases picked up for that resource in the level, and M is the multiplier for that resource. It should be noted that Power Cells are currently the easiest resource to increase due to its case amount being 71% of the base value while both Crude and Meat only benefit from 67% of their base value per crate.

As an example, if a battle was completed after collecting 2 cases of Crude, 0 cases of Meat and 1 case of Power Cells and there were only 3 crew members fighting the amount of resources gathered would be:

Crude = (60 + 40 * 2) * = 840
Meat = (75 + 30 * 0) * 2 = 90
Power Cells = (7 + 5 * 1) * = 24